Finding a job in Singapore is an attractive prospect for foreigners no matter where they’re from, but especially for Malaysians. Some go for the high wages offered relative to their home countries or to participate in industries and professions which have not taken a foothold back home. Others look to the safety and amenities provided by one of the most efficient and liveable cities in the world.

Visas: Employment Passes and Permanent Residence.

Foreigners looking to work in Singapore will need to  a certain level of clearance through the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA).

But even after the Fair Consideration Framework (FCF) came into effect to protect Singaporean worker rights (which dictates that jobs must be open to all Singaporeans and that a quota of foreign and local workers is adhered to), getting a job in Singapore as a foreigner is still fairly easy. It isn’t impossible to overcome the manpower crunch affecting the marketplace.

However, employers  still have to be picky on who they take on-board due to these restrictions and foreign worker levy charges.

Depending on the nature of the job (salary range, marketability, type of job, length of working tenure, etc.) you will need either an EP/S Pass or PR. A foreign worker recruitment agency in Singapore will handle all the legal procedures to secure the needed pass for applicants. Because most workers in Singapore are expected to be transient, the country is more relaxed control over its migrant worker population.

The Employment/S Pass Self-Assessment Tool at the Ministry of Manpower will help determine if you have the skills currently sought after and determine if you are eligible for an employment pass.

A Dependant’s Pass is needed for those who want to bring their spouses and children with them.

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How to make an impression on Employers in Singapore.

  1. Keep your resume up-to-date and relevant. Keep a separate resume if you are applying to different industries and always modify them to reflect the position/company being applied to. Recruitment agencies can help you optimize your resume to find a job in Singapore, or you could get help online. Attach a photograph.
  2. Have all the necessary official documents on-hand with multiple copies of each like birth certificates, identity card, educational transcripts and co-curricular certs.
  3. Prepare a portfolio describing your relevant skills.
  4. Different recruitment agencies specialize in different industries. Approach the right agencies for the job you’re looking for. For example, Multiway Employment specialises in the service, manufacturing and construction sectors, as well as general work.
  5. Network with people. Getting to know people on a more personal level is the best way to genuinely showcase your personality and credibility. You could do this at, which features language groups and other activities which are also helpful to foreigners looking for new friends.
  6. Don’t skip out on interviews just because the job role isn’t what you want from the onset. If an employer likes you they can create the role that suits you skills. The key is to promote your skills and reliability.
  7. Employers in Singapore tend to focus more on paper qualifications than soft skills like judgement, evaluation and perception, so remember to up-play those instead. Employers want to avoid hiring bad employees and paper qualifications are the surest way to ensure quality.
  8. And of course, dress for the occasion. Dress formally and smartly.


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