Workers and employees make up the core of any operation, whether it’s PMETs, housekeepers or construction workers. And when job opportunities are abundant the rate of employee turnover increases proportionately as well, and is reflected by high rates of resignations and recruitment.

While labour turnover works two ways it never helps when an employee resigns and leaves unexpectedly. It is inevitable that companies face employee resignations from time-to-time, or in the worst case scenarios, spates of resignations.

Regardless, having an important employee leave at an inopportune time not only hurts company operations in the short-run but will have long-term ramifications as well. On the domestic side: think of how depressive it would be to return to a messy and unhealthy home after a long day at work.

Here’s how a foreign worker agency can help you solve these issues:

Enlisting a foreign worker agency saves time and cost.

Foreign workers make up a huge bulk of the Singaporean workforce. According to the Ministry of Manpower, in 2016 the total number of foreign workers make up 1.39 million, with another 0.54 million of them PRs. The country has come to rely heavily on the low cost or specialized skills that foreign workers bring to the table that despite the foreign worker levy increase and manpower crunch in Singapore – demand for foreign workers is as great as ever.

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Singapore is reliant on foreign workers for its rapid development despite the ongoing manpower crunch and increased foreign worker levy charges.

Hiring a new employee, especially a foreigner, is a lengthy and complex process involving a lot of legal paperwork and waiting. Not only is the process slow and time-consuming, but having to perform the task in-house will divert company resources away from its main duties. Therefore, outsourcing the process to an external agency is a logical choice.

foreign worker agency would also be very familiar with the process of hiring foreign workers as well and can be expected to do the job quickly and efficiently. These agencies draw upon their connections, experience and databases to ensure that they find suitable candidates quickly.

A foreign worker agency knows where and how to source talent.

With its large repositories of job listings otherwise not found in printed sources, a foreign worker agency is very attractive to job seekers.

This popularity translates into sizable number of applicants who send in their resumes to foreign worker agencies which is stored in databases. This information helps recruitment agencies locate candidates quickly and effectively when suitable positions become available.

Most recruitment agencies also typically interview potential candidates beforehand. Recruitment agencies have knowledge of the market like salary rates and career expectations lets them better negotiate more competitively with applicants. This not only saves employers a step but their knowledge in the interviewing process and are better able to filter out bad employees.

A foreign worker agency can help build branding.

While large companies have the budget for extensive self-promotion campaigns this is usually out of reach of smaller companies. A good foreign worker agency will learn and understand their clients to better represent them, building a rapport with potential candidates and help attract the best among them. This is an important part of their service as some of the best talents are quiet and stay below the radar while others may be fussy, thus it is necessary to impress these individuals.


A good foreign worker agency can help you avoid hiring bad employees. Get in touch with Multiway Employment Pte Ltd for the right candidate, always.

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